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Team Alien Force for CONNOR


Connor is now 5 years off treatment and is officially declared a cancer SURVIVOR!!!!!



Connor's Story....


Connor was by all measures a normal and seemingly healthy 4.5 year old boy. He loved to sing and dance, He Loved his Pre-school class at St. Rose and was active ALL the time! And most importantly he Loved the show Ben 10 Alien Force!!!
During the last week of November, Connor came home from school complaining of a belly-ache. He was up almost all night with it, in the morning he began throwing up a few times- he had started to feel slightly better and was just "off" for the next couple days, he began to have a fever that was consistently about 101-103 and would lay down with his knees pulled up to his chest, I could not get him to eat or drink so I proceeded to call his pediatrician and was told that Connor was likely dehydrated, she told me to take him to the ER and that he would probably receive some fluids and we would go home!  I had no idea that by taking him there, our lives would change forever.
Connor was admitted because his white blood count was extremely high, the doctors thought pneumonia, appendicitis, even a bowel obstruction? It wasn't until 3 days later a CT Scan showed a mass on his left kidney (maybe a cyst, MAYBE CANCER) We were told that they would remove the kidney and that it was very likely a cancerous tumor, (WHAT- we came in for "possible dehydration) On Tuesday Dec. 7, 2010 Connor had surgery to remove the tumor and his left kidney- after his surgery when I was finally able to go in and see him, it was while standing next to Connor in recovery as he lay there still asleep that we were told that Connors tumor WAS Malignant, he has Cancer! Our life from that point on December 7th 2010 will be forever changed.....


We were told recently that Connor has been offically declared a Survivor, even with this amazing news, Connor still battles EVERYDAY with the longterm effects of Childhood Cancer, troubles in school, doctors appt. weekly, PTSD, anxiety, stomach issues, medicines! Cancer is gone, BUT the effects remain, they are ugly and unfair!!! We need research...we need a CURE!!!!

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